1. In these conditions Reaction Fireworks Ltd is called ‘The Company’ and the party for which the display is undertaken is called ‘The Organiser’ which expressions shall include their employees and/or members respectively.


  1. The conditions shall govern all contracts for displays supplied and fired by the Company. No quotation shall be binding on The Company and a contract shall come into existence only when the Company makes written acknowledgement thereof.


  1. Prices quoted by the Company only include those items stated in the quotation. All other facilities and services including the cost of ensuring the safety of the site itself are the Organisers responsibility.


  1. It is the responsibility of the Organiser to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are taken. The Company will at its own expense provide advice on safety measures if the Organisers so request, but it shall be the responsibility of the Organisers to act upon such advice at its own expense. The Company shall have no liability for claims arising in consequence of any injury or damage to persons or property unless the same shall have been caused by the negligence of the Company.


  1. The Company reserves the right to substitute any reasonable comparable items for those contained in its quotation or acknowledgement, in the event of quoted items not being available at the time of the display.


  1. The Company shall not be liable for any failure to perform any or all of its obligations under this Agreement if that failure is caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.


  1. If the Company considers that the firing of the display is in any way dangerous or unsafe, it shall have the right in its absolute discretion to cancel, postpone or alter any part of the display.


  1. The cancellation, postponement or alteration of the display under clauses 6 & 7 above, shall be without prejudice to any of the Company’s rights under this Agreement, and in particular the Company shall be entitled to payment in full for all expenditure incurred by it in connection with the performance of its obligations.
  2. If the Organiser cancels the Contract before the display the following cancellation charges will apply:- More than
    • 28 days before the display – 25% of the contract price
    • 15 – 28 days before the display – 50% of the contract price
    • 8 – 14 days before the display – 75% of the contract price
    • 7 days or less before the display – 100% of the contract price


  1. The Organiser is advised that firework displays can be hazardous and that adequate insurance cover should be arranged.


  1. It is the responsibility of the Organiser to provide a site of the recommended size that is adequately fenced against the intrusion of spectators into the firing area.


  1. The Organiser shall also provide stewards to ‘police’ the inside of the barriers prior to the display to prevent spectators from encroaching into the firing area. The stewards shall be expected to remain in position after the display to deter spectators from entering the firing area and until the Senior Operator is satisfied that the site is safe.


  1. It is requested that the Organiser meets the Company’s Senior Operator on arrival to confirm a) that the site and barriers are adequate; b) the firing time and duration of the display; c) any action that may be needed in the event of adverse weather conditions.